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My name is Robbi Wilson and I am Coast Salish from the Tla'Amin Nation which is on the Sunshine Coast. 

Since 2008, Emerge Wings of Change since 2008 has provided training and workshops for Indigenous groups in rural and urban settings. 

In addition, special events were organized to help raise self esteem, as well as strengthen overall unity of a community.   

I invite you to have a look through my new website as I have shifted a lot of how I can be of service.

Thank you for stopping by, feel free to reach out to me for more information.  I look forward to connecting with you!

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Areas to Explore

Re-Connect to your Heart & Soul:

Mind Body Spirit

Feel, Know, See & Be your True Self




Core Personal Development:

Deep Dive into Wellness

Nation Building:


Adapt, Re-Unify



Build Understanding Relationships

I will use what I have learned with people in my life for better understanding of our relationships.  Your encouraging words, patience and tools helped me "get back into life"

- Participant

I will have more empathy and compassion for Indigenous People I meet, thank you for sharing the truth about Indigenous History.

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society Group Participant Vancouver

Whatever you do or wherever you go from tomorrow it will be noticed that you can still have an impact on and in our community from this day forward and we thank you from the bottom, middle, top, inside and out of our hearts for coming to our community and assisting us with facilitating in this Youth Camp.  Gilakasla Amigo's

D.J.  from the
Martin Clan
Vancouver Island


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