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Au siem,  Welcome to my website!

My ancestral name is Palnata7, my english name is Robbi Wilson  

I am of blended ancestry; Coast Salish from the Tla'Amin Nation, which is on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, and I am also of Chilean and Irish descent.

We all have our soul's intention in our lifetime and if like me, you've felt off course, felt blocked or stuck from serving that intention then I can share helpful tools so you too, can move through anything impeding your highest and best path.  You will release those struggles, empower yourself, feeling more free to walk to the beat of your own drum; sharing your natural gifts and talents that may inspire others do the same.

Are you ready to shift and refresh any stagnant energies in your life?

Do you want to clear anything blocking you from a fulfilling path in your life and step more fully into your power? Are you ready to build supportive inclusive relationships in your home and work life?

For years I heard a faint whisper that told me there was more meant for my life.  I was finally able to stop and act on that message to really know what that meant and to really know myself.  Our heart will always guide through life, through densities, through deep pitfalls; connecting with the people who will support us, so we can work to release any strong illusions holding us back in life.   

I am living my life with a servant's heart, in order to be of service for the highest and greatest good of all that is. I enjoy working with people one on one, in circles and in ceremony, I also work with those in professional settings - Indigenous communities, non profit organizations, businesses, the public services and in academic environments.

The times of learning and doing things the hard way are done.

It is time to heal, renew, live, learn, grow and evolve from a place of joy and love!  I am honored to fulfill my part in working to make a positive difference on personal, family, and professional levels. It is important to work in unison, and co-create harmonious communities together, we can do this!

May we all honor and release the heavy weight of our experiences so we can move forward with ease, grace and most importantly maneuver our lives more freely; with the wisdom of our experiences.

Huy chewxx aa siem - Thank you for stopping by.

Feel free to email me (see below) for more information. 

I look forward to connecting with you!


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Be Your True Self:


Body - Clear 

Soul - Feel

Spirit - Know


Personal Development:























Unique Programs Designed to meet your needs 
"empowering with skills & knowledge"


I will use what I have learned with people in my life for better understanding of our relationships.  Your encouraging words, patience and tools helped me "get back into life"

Pre Employment Bridging Program


I will have more empathy and compassion for Indigenous People I meet, thank you for sharing the truth about Indigenous History.

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society
Group Participant Vancouver

Whatever you do or wherever you go from tomorrow it will be noticed that you can still have an impact on and in our community from this day forward and we thank you from the bottom, middle, top, inside and out of our hearts for coming to our community and assisting us with facilitating in this Youth Camp.  Gilakasla Amigo's

D.J.  from the
Martin Clan
Vancouver Island

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Taking this program has improved my life in so many different ways. When I use my tools everyday I can deal with all kinds of things in my life.

Critical Incident Response Training

As a federal crown corporation employee I had the privelege of inviting Robbi to present a virtual wellness session called Indigenous Resilience for all western regional employees. Robbi is an inspiring and engaging speaker and her indigenous perspective on resilience resonated well with many of my colleagues, resulting in a lot of positive feedback. Thank you Robbi for a meaningful session!

Federal Government BC Region employee

I felt helpless and didn't know what I could do to support the families who lost their loved ones. By taking the training, I feel my care is being put into action and now I feel confident to help my community.

Team Member
Community Response Team:

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