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The intention of Emerge is to:

Encourage, Motivate, Empower, Respect, Grow, and Enhance

as well as support:

Growth by Integrating, Activating, Transforming and Evolving with new skills

Emerge Individualized Plans

I am a Life Skills Facilitator at heart and I enjoy sharing life skills tools that help others to break problems down; allowing one to steer life in new exciting ways!  


Life's experiences may be super challenging at the best of times, and there are many ways to deal with and understand any emotional, mental, physical or spiritual stresses or blocks one may be experiencing. This will allow a person to lighten that heavy load from their shoulders and bring them to the life they want to live!

Through the use of Indigenous and cultural practices, and using tools of Astrology,  Astronomy, Sacred Geometry and Metaphysical approaches; perspectives will shift. We can then dig deep within to eliminate the densities that may be holding one back or feeling stuck in life.  I provide space so one can find their solutions to raise their overall sense of wellbeing; so they may be their highest and best self!

May we all live in harmony, acceptance, compassion for ourselves and each other; so we can move forward acknowledging our differences and embracing our shared humanity!


As a previous government employee in the provincial and federal government departments I have a working knowledge which can guide information sharing and strategic supports.  The public service diversity, inclusion and the more current Truth & Reconciliation recommendations, may require a consultant's support to provide understandings of Indigenous approaches and develop more sound relationships with Indigenous employees, organizations and Nations.   

You will understand the Indigenous perspectives and build stronger connections.

In addition, as a previously elected leader in my own Nation's community; I understand the pressures of governing, and working with many community entities who are delivering specialized community program and services. 


As an Indigenous Consultant I can support ease of communications, an increased understanding of Indigenous approaches; and also support you with solutions to help you meet your continually growing work demands.

Emerge Group Circles
Workshops & Events

Indigenous Peoples naturally utilize and operate from the concept of circle work.  We are all equal in the circle and everyone has something to contribute in discussions.  Circle discussion allow for peer support, space for self discovery and learning from one another. 

Emerge provides a safe environment in person and online for this type of group work to be conducted.


Circumstances have increased the online gatherings the past couple of years, but now I am pleased to be organizing circles workshops and events in person. Together we can dialogue in key areas for healing, support, encouragement, increasing our knowledge about one another, empowerment and connection.



Emerge Supports both non Indigenous & Indigenous Organizations 



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